Maximum Options is a remarkable service that showcases Ken Trester’s profit-accelerating combination of credit spreads, debit spreads, naked options writing, and even the occasional single options trade or stock position.

As a professional options trader with more than 40 years of experience, Ken has learned (and proven) that the highest probability trades are spreads and options writes (naked puts and calls). So to give his members the best chance to realize consistent profits, Maximum Options specifically focuses on these strategies.

These trades are meant for more experienced option traders, but they can put the odds of success dramatically in your favor.

The Core of Ken Trester’s Maximum Options

Ken’s proprietary options program uses multiple regression analysis and other statistical tools to unearth the few stocks that are building momentum and poised to make a quick move up or down. That’s key for options traders.

His program spots the following elements in every stock and stock group:

  • Power index
  • Relative strength
  • Support, resistance levels, volatility
  • Key indicators telling which stocks are ready to break out

Once Ken identifies the key, high-momentum stocks, he then searches for the handful of options that meet his vital criteria:

  1. They must be underpriced (which reduces your risk).
  2. They must give you a good probability of profit.

How profitable can Maximum Options be? Instead of making 6% on Halliburton stock, how about a 120% profit… instead of 4% in Travelers Companies, wouldn’t you prefer 114%… instead of 3% in UPS, doesn’t 100% sound better?

When you join Maximum Options Ken gives you:

  • Weekly issues every Friday with market analysis, a review of our open positions and information on which opportunities are best for fresh money.
  • Profit opportunities as they arise — you’ll get Ken’s trade recommendations in an emailed or text alert at any time during the market’s open hours from 9:30 a.m. ET to 4 p.m. ET, whenever a prime opportunity arises. To make it simple… He’ll tell you exactly what to tell your broker.
  • Full access to the Maximum Options website, which includes a full record of open and closed trades, an archive of updates and alerts, and the latest special reports (especially helpful for new subscribers).
  • Special reports and other resources for options traders. Whether a novice or a pro (or anywhere in between), there’s something for everyone in Ken’s comprehensive library of trader education materials.
  • Instant alerts by text message — you can choose to provide your cell phone number and sign up to receive a text every time there is a buy or sell alert. Standard text messaging rates through your cell carrier will apply.

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