Finding the best trades is a multi-step process, but my powerful system allows me to uncover underpriced securities that are ready to make big moves that put big money into your pocket, in three weeks or less. By using multiple regression analysis and other statistical tools, I can unearth the stocks that have built up momentum and are poised to make a quick burst – which is key for options traders.

The first step is to analyze an extensive group of stocks that I monitor. Here’s what I am looking to pinpoint in the stocks I watch in each sector:

  1. Power Index
  2. Relative strength
  3. Support, resistance levels and volatility
  4. Key indicators

Out of hundreds of stocks I watch each week we’ll get a few that a screaming buys. For example, take a look at the screen shot below of my Power Options Weekly Surveillance System and notice the last stock on the list, Atlantic Power. The Power Index was a negative 5 which told me this stock was under pressure and would most likely drop in value in the coming weeks.

Snapshot from My Power Options Weekly Surveillance System

Snapshot from My Quantum QTX Surveillance System

One of the key indicators that I look at is the Technical code and Technical comments. They tell me if the stock is a buy or sell. In this case a 3 indicates it would be a very strong put trade because I’m expecting the stock to drop in value. Based on my analysis I recommended my elite group of beta testers to buy the April 10 puts and in 7 days we closed the trade for an amazing 957% profit. Now while this kind of home run doesn’t happen often I am able to consistently lock in profits of 50% and up utilizing my systems.

Over my 40-plus year options career I have also discovered that if you want to become a successful trader you have to buy only low-priced options which will reduce your risk and each trade must have a high probability of turning a profit. That’s why I hand pick the best 5 trades sent out premarket, every Friday, to the Power Options Weekly subscribers. So, if you want to get into trades that could hand you profits of 957%, 196%, 173%, 163%, 140%, 137%, 121%, 100%, 965 and 92% to name just a few then I invite you to try Power Options Weekly. Try it today and you’ll receive 3 weeks free!