About Ken

Ken started trading options when the first exchanges opened in 1973. As the nation’s foremost professional options trader Ken is not just an “options educator.” He also actively trades his own account. Ken has been a computer science professor at Golden West College in Huntington Beach, California, where he also taught a popular course on stock options trading.

Ken is also widely quoted in publications such as Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commodities and Barron’s. He has an MBA and has worked as a stock broker and an investment manager. Ken’s options success secret is startlingly simple. It’s a strategy basic to all investing. Ken only recommends cheap, underpriced options. In other words he “buys low and sells high.” It’s a simple theory, but hard to put to work unless you have a math genius and computer whiz like Ken Trester on your side. The trick is knowing how to find and buy underpriced options. Ken does this by using his computerized modeling system (based on three decades of real-time, real-life trading) that tells you and Ken which options are underpriced.

About Power Options Weekly

With the potential for over 255 million different stock options to be traded daily, traders face the daunting task of trying to pick the right ones, especially when you factor in risky weekly options and expensive quarterly options. In Power Options Weekly, Ken blends his 40-plus years of options trading experience and background as an educator in computer science to help you profit. He has his tried and tested stock scans do all of the heavy lifting to uncover regular monthly options that are poised to move and make you money.

Years of computer simulation and trial and error went into creating his system, which scours the market and determines which options are hugely underpriced. Only those on deep discount catch his eye.

Price is everything for any options trader.  Professional market makers know nearly everything about an underlying stock days before you do. Stock splits, upcoming earnings, possible takeovers — all these variables are baked into the price.

But with Power Options Weekly, you can beat the pros at their own game.  Bargain hunters consistently win in the options game. They know the fair and true value of an option in advance. When you buy a cheap or underpriced option, you immediately give yourself the insider’s edge, which is what Power Options Weekly is about. We trade simple call and put options — ‘buying to open’ and ‘selling to close’ — that just about any investor with even a little experience in the market can execute.

Ken runs his scans, applies his own proprietary filter, and then every Friday, he delivers 5 brand new options trades to you before the market opens. He gives you the exact option trade to make, specific entry price, and profit targets upfront. That lets you automatically keep a laser-like focus and trade options objectively, just like the pros do.

Ken gives you sell signal prices because another key to our Power Options Weekly strategy is retaining as much capital as possible. We pare the majority of my losses to the 20%-40% range — often far less.

When we have profits on the board, the risk/reward picture is fully evaluated by the Power Options Weekly team of experts and editors to determine whether we should capture those gains for instant gratification, or whether it’s better to wait until a target is hit. When a trade has significant profits of 40% or higher, all the factors are reviewed to decide if it’s the ideal time to take your profits off the table. You’ll never go wrong by taking profits early. So, we’ve got you covered there, too.

Power Options Weekly allows you to manage your trades as actively as you want. Ken gives you the blueprint for profit every Friday, and then you can set your orders once and be done with it, or you can follow the real-time alerts when profits suddenly appear. Whether you’ve just started trading options or have years of experience, Power Options Weekly will work for you.