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Every Friday you'll receive 5 top trades that will set you up to take profits in 3 weeks or less. These are trades that will send your portfolio soaring to new heights and help you lock in profits of 120%, 115%, 104%, 96% and 79%. Take a look at exactly what you'll receive as a member with this past issue.

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Join Us For The Next 957% Profit

My proprietary scientific formula lets me pinpoint underpriced stocks and options that you can trade on a short-term basis for incredible profits. Learn How

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The Ultimate Stock Market
Money Machine!

For the past 40 years, Ken Trester has been honing his options strategy to provide traders like you with easy-to-follow trade instructions complete with entry prices, profit targets and stop losses. Learn More

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About Us

With the potential for over 255 million different stock options to be traded daily, traders face the daunting task of trying to pick the right ones, especially when you factor in risky weekly options and expensive quarterly options. In Power Options Weekly, I blend my 40 years of options trading experience and my background as an educator in computer science to help you profit. I let my tried and tested stock scans do all of the heavy lifting for us to uncover regular monthly options that are poised to move and make you money.

Years of computer simulation and trial and error went into creating my system, which scours the market and determines which options are hugely underpriced. Only those on deep discount catch my eye. Read More

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